One More International, which started its business life in 2014, started its activities with the mission of "Creating a Clean Network Marketing Field" and has determined this mission as a permanent target. It offers its entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn in the global market with its quality products. After the foundation of the organization, it has become one of the assertive players of global trade by establishing its corporate structures in 6 different points of the world, starting from Turkey, then in Europe and the whole global market from Europe afterwards.

One More International is providing its "global free trade" structure to its representatives via its companies that were founded in Turkey, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

One More International, in order to strengthen its power in the sector, has started its business life as an importer, after starting to produce 85% of its product range within its own structure, it became a manufacturer. One More International, which makes significant investments in R&D activities with its production innovation, has adopted its production mission as "quality-oriented, innovative and sustainable production".

Since its foundation, One More International has managed to become the industry's avant garde entrepreneur and role setter with the quality, capacity and wide trade network it has reached in Turkey, Europe, Asia, South and Central America.

One More International; spread over 53 countries, which can service all over the world with personalized shipping, made macro-export to approximately 7 countries, in the meantime, with offices in 7 countries of the world and 3 offices in Turkey is a "Network Marketing" company. One More International owes its success to its executives that came up through the ranks and its huge staff. Our Global President Mr. Mustafa Erdil and our Global Vice President Mrs. Sevcihan Saygılı Erdil have drawn a road map full of countless success by blending their 21 years of Network Marketing experience with their original vision and missions. This business, which started in just one day as an idea, currently provides job opportunities for 200,000+ independent distributors and has a customer portfolio of over 2,000,000 that are using the products. In addition, it continues its activities at full speed with a huge staff of 30 people at One More International Headquarters.

One More International, which has achieved numerous successes and organizations with thousands of people with its growing staff day by day since 2014, is preparing to organize the same organizations all over the world and to achieve countless successes.